LyrikTrick is a youtube collaboration with Wolfgang Ramadan. Every 14 days a new episode is published.

“That the pictures learn to walk is a dream, probably as old as mankind.
But what about the pictures in our heads, ideas, puns, sayings, insights, flashes of inspiration?
What about our intangible thoughts? Now legs are made for them!
Wolfgang Ramadan’s aphorisms, mottoes and short lyrics are the basis for Arne Hain’s animation clips. Their jointly developed animated films expand poetry and allegories into free-spirited pieces of taste.
Poetic, surreal and sometimes bittersweet wisdom from the book “Real Bairisch” enter the boards that mean the world as small theatrical scenes: Movie screens, screens, tablets, smartphones. Poetry matures optically by trick (-film) and grows beyond itself, if its origin is thought differently to the end.
The thought bears witness to the word.
And the word desires the image.
And as LyrikTrickFilm it enters the world.”