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I am a filmmaker specialised in stop motion animation, combining new and traditional techniques to find the fitting visual style for each content. Creating stuff with my own hands as well as telling stories is what I love about animation. My skills include animating, compositing, puppet manufacturing and storytelling. If you`re interested please view my Portfolio and contact me.

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Arne Hain is an animation director and stop motion animator from Germany.
Born in rural Bavaria, he has startet making his own animated films as a child, driven by boredom and overflowing creative energy.

Those early films won him several youth film awards, like the Deutscher Jugendvideo Preis and the BDFA-Filmpreis.

After high school Arne gained his first professional experience at the companies Trikk17 and Beast Animation, where he worked on the stop motion animated children shows „Tadaaa!“, „Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto“ and „Rindje“

He moved on to study at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where he graduated in the field of Animation in 2022.

By now Arne has created sequences for feature documentaries like "Joy in Iran", directed both commercial work including „Nivea Lotte & Max“ and short-films including „The last Bar“.

He has also spend time in the US working as an animator on the feature-films „MAD GOD by Phil Tippett“ and Disneys „Star Wars - The rise of Skywalker“.

In 2023 he won Gold at the Young Directors Award with his film "The Last Bar".
Currently Arne is living in Germany, working as a freelance director and stop motion animator.

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