In 2016 and 2017 I created two commercial spots for NIVEA Sun. The first was published on web and broadcasted in three European countries. The second one was for web only. For both clips I was head of the visual department. My actual work on the project included story development, montage, animation, compositing and puppet construction.

For the puppets it was essential that they looked as close to the product as possible, while they still had to be animateable. The original dolls had a good size, but were made from a hard plastic. I replaced the arms and legs with rigged silicon peaces, made the head moveable and replaced the eyes. For the mouth I had to think of something special, because I did not want mouth transitions to show in the final clip. I created replaceable mouth shapes and we came up with a workflow to remove the mouth edges in the post.

These are the Animatics for the spots. On both of the animatics I worked together with Tobias Pinegger.